With our Lux Spa Homelaser by Dr. Wilden / inner ear laser, you will gain the following benefits for yourself:

1. Your acute medical discomforts will already improve significantly during and after the first therapy sessions. This improvement of your ear situation will become more noticeable and stable every day.

2. Thereby, you can supply your overstrained auditory- and vestibular cells, as well as your whole inner ear organ, with high-quality Low Level Laser Light (LLLL), as long and as intensively as your individual situation requires.

3. This way, depending on the individual initial medical situation and on the individual age, you can achieve a biologically complete regeneration of your overstrained auditory- and vestibular cells.

4. As you constantly have free access to high-quality LLLL with our Home Laser, you will obtain the optimal therapeutic security, regarding your acute situation as well as your future.

5. For you, Home Therapy is the most comfortable and cost-effective form of therapy

6. We advise all of our customers to let other family members use our Lux Spa Home Laser too, as it can also be used for the prevention of inner ear diseases.

7. During your whole time of regeneration, you will be supported by the world-wide longest existing and most extensive therapy know-how. 

8. You will experience the wonderful, positive responsiveness of your body-intelligence every day, because of the constant improvement of your ear situation. Thus, slowly but steadily, you will again become the person you had been before your problems occurred for the first time.

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Positive news for your ears!

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Weitere Informationen zur Low Level Lasertherapie nach Dr. Wilden finden Sie auf den nachstehend genannten Webseiten:

www.laserterapia-ibiza.com (dies ist die neue Version von www.lasertherapieregensburg.de)





Invention Of Laser Biostimulation

NEW: Harvard University / USA confirms the biological positive effectiveness of Low Level Laser Light (LLLL) on biological stressed hearing cells

Photobiomodulation rescues the cochlea

Tamura 2016 Brain research 1



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