I wanted to give a review of the Lux Spa home laser by Dr. Lutz Wilden.  
I have an inner ear issue in my left ear that was diagnosed as Meniere’s disease.  I was having fits of dizziness, aural fullness, and tinnitus!  It was horrible and I tried many things and different treatments.

 I did lots of research and discovered Dr. Wilden on the internet. I read his articles and decide to try his Lux Spa home laser.
I can tell you one thing that I believe.  It works for me!  I live in the U.S. and had no issues at all getting the unit.  It is very user friendly to work, and is built of very high quality.

Dr. Wilden says he stays in touch.  And I can assure you he does.  He always responds via email and will answer any questions.  He will look over your ear tests you send him and custom adjust the perimeters of
your unit for you.  A very friendly Dr. that actually cares to make your inner ear the best it can be.

Since I have been using his Lux Spa home laser, I have seen great results.  Less dizziness, less ear fullness, and less ringing in the ears.  It has turned my life around and I fully believe in this great product.  Such a more natural treatment than taking pills.That is why I wrote this report.  Its a great product and I am sure it will make you very happy as it did me.

Regards, Shane B. Nebraska U.S.A