We are pleased to present to you the latest models of Home Lasers by Dr. Wilden.
By now, more and more people are experiencing the biological effectiveness of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).
The medical advisor of Lux Spa S.L., Dr. med. Lutz Wilden, is one of the pioneers of LLLT.
In accordance with Dr. Wilden, we are offering you home therapy with our Lux Spa Home Laser devices, so you can have the best possible therapeutic experience and competence regarding home therapy of your afflictions.

For more than 50 years, Low Level Laser Light has proven to be a therapeutic medium. The Hungarian surgeon Dr. Endrè Mester (1903–1984) noticed improved wound healing of wounds that had been difficult to cure, and since that time, Low Level Laser Therapy has been constantly progressing world-wide.

The essential feature of Low Level Laser Therapy is the improvement of the biological quality of previously biologically weakened and overstrained cells and tissue.*Legal Notice

The fact that Low Level Laser Light is free from side effects has thereby been witnessed and experienced again and again, and it was confirmed by the American Food & Drug Association (FDA) already several years ago.

The combination of biological effectiveness and complete absence of side effects creates the perfect precondition to offer Low Level Laser Light to the affected people in the form of a competently conducted home therapy with our Lux Spa Home Lasers.

The medical adviser of Lux Spa S.L. was the first physician world-wide to realize the biological necessity of long-time therapies with Low Level Laser Light, and he has been offering this therapy to the affected people since 1997. This especially applies to long-term therapy against inner ear overexertions.

All of our Lux Spa Home Therapy Devices were developed on the basis of the highly-dosed Low Level Laser Therapy by Dr. Wilden®.

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Photobiomodulation Lecture 2015 (Low Level Light Therapy) by Vielight Inc

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