We are trying to make it possible for more and more people to experience and use the positive biological effectiveness of laser light.

Our philosophy is practical as well as applicable.

It is firmly grounded in the side effect free and biologically positive bio-stimulating effectiveness of light in general* and Low Level Laser Light in particular. Both have a favorable effect on our body and its organs.

This characteristic of Low Level Laser Light has been clinically as well as experimentally proven for more than 50 years.

(for further information, go to www.prima-books.com) and the theory behind it is easily explicable (for further information go to www.biolaserlicht.de)

Considering the scientifically indisputable and extensive factual knowledge about Low Level Laser Therapy, we believe the use of this positive biological effectiveness to be a human right.

Nevertheless, we are aware that the pharmaceutically oriented medical education as well as common clinical practice make the desirable widespread use of LLLT harder.

Regardless of that, we want to help you use LLLT now for yourself and your family.
That’s why we have developed our range of treatments for you.

Computer graphics of laser light irradiation of the acoustic organ

*(considering the UV proportion of natural solar radiation)

Cómo mantener los oídos sanos de nuestros hijos

¡Es muy sencillo mantener en buen estado los oídos de nuestros niños! Sólo es ne- cesario conocer algunos he- chos biológicos sobre ellos.

1.) Los oídos son nues- tros órganos auditivos, nuestros órganos de ad- vertencia y nuestros órga- nos de equilibrio al mismo tiempo. Es fácil de descubrir esto con una sencilla prue- ba: cierra los ojos un tiempo

y experimentarás de inme- diato que tu atención va dirigida hacia los oídos.

What do your ears try to tell you with Vertigo and pressure in the ear

Ear protection and laser therapy to protect your children`s ears

What your ears try to tell you with Hyperacusis

Click on the image below to get the full article as a PDF (1,3 MB) in english and espanol:

DrLutzWilden agosto2017

Invention Of Laser Biostimulation

Presentation of Dr. L. Wilden on the 2. International Congress for Inner Ear Therapeutics on 5. November 2019

Hannover Front Cover

Here you can download the actual publication by Dr. Lutz Wilden:

(PDF-Document / 3 MB)

New Book ENG Final Revision 1

The Biological Effects Of Low Level Laser Light On The Ear


NEW: Harvard University / USA confirms the biological positive effectiveness of Low Level Laser Light (LLLL) on biological stressed hearing cells

Photobiomodulation rescues the cochlea

Tamura 2016 Brain research 1



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