Hi my friends,
In a matter of weeks I will finally be able to dance to your music again.
I am very happy to tell my story to everyone that has my same problem.
In July last year, I was dancing my beloved techno music when, unfortunately, the volume which was too high for my ears, caused me a 60% of hearing loss.

The consequences, of course, as well as debilitating and demeaning, were various: dizziness, tinnitus, acufenos, hyper dysacus, pressure within the hearing.

I travelled around the world in order to find a solution to my serious problem. I really  needed to solve my big problem, because I considered it a handicap and, as I wasn’t born with it, I wasn’t able to handle it.
It was a nightmare!
All the world's most important ear specialists told me that I would not have a chance of recovering, and that I would have to start using hearing aids as soon as possible (amplifon).

Nevertheless, I was full of hope. I decided to go and buy the hateful and expensive ($ 3.800,00!!!) hearing aids. But… while I was paying, a friend of mine called me and suggested going to see a German Doctor who lives here in Ibiza.
I phoned him immediately because I was determined to solve my problem and, although I had had negative experiences with other doctors before, I was full of hope!!!

Well, today I’m very happy to announce that I only have 15% hearing loss.
I recovered almost everything in just a few months: I have practically no more tinnitus, no vertigo and no pressure inside my ear.

This is not a miracle. It is just the so-called Doctor Lutz Wilden Laser Therapy.
It's not invasive, it has no contraindications, it is close by because you don’t have to go around the world to find it and, most important,  it is not expensive.
Fuck you Amplifon !!!

Doctor Lutz Wilden, is the best laser therapy specialist for hearing loss! He is the world's biggest expert of problems related to hearing loss caused by noise and music !!!

You can read all the information on –
or you can phone him directly and make an appointment on the following  number  +34. 605215906 - he knows I would have written to you!

Thank you for reading up to the end of my outburst, but I wrote it only because I wanted to warn everyone that it is easy to come out of it.

I kiss you all, and I thank Dr. W and his work – you will soon be able to see me dancing again to your music that I love so much.